Custom Guitars Factory

I have been dedicating myself to this work for many  years with commitment and passion.

In reality, it was very little work for me because it is magic, an alchemy that transforms something that at first glance seems dead, helpless and from time to time also very ugly and twisted in appearance.

Wood, a material that speaks to you and releases perfumes, sometimes it is also irritating and stubborn in its being, but working with it reveals beautiful surprises.

This material is sometimes so fragile, sometimes harder than stone but is  susceptible to humidity and temperature which makes it very sensitive and unstable but which, deep down, never betrays.

If you follow it in its movements, in its fibres it always repays you with its sound.



Nicola Costa

Lello Panico

Emiliano Tessitore

Giacomo Anselmi

Andrea Frittelli

Massimiliano Zerbonia

magnetics TM

Gino De Vita

Valter Vincenti


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